Jeremy & Heather Lance’s Success Story

Jeremy & Heather Lance’s Success Story

SBEL is your solution when…your dream of owning your first home is becoming a reality.


Situation:  Heather Lance is a trusted industry professional in the South Bay.  As an escrow officer, she has been a part of many real estate transactions.  However, now for the first time, she and her husband Jeremy are the buyers and they are purchasing their first home.


SBEL Solution:  In Heather’s words,This is our first home, and buying this house has been our dream since we first met 6 years ago. Our dream came true Friday, July 21, 2017, 6 years and 1 week to the day of when we first met.  I cannot give enough praise to our loan team: Matt, Tony, Andy, Terry, Lily, Yolanda and Laura.  These are just a few of the many wonderful people at South Bay Equity Lending. They help make dreams come true.  My profession is as an Escrow Officer, and while I’m able to empathize with and comfort my nervous clients, I thought I knew what the experience of buying a home was. I was so wrong. So. Wrong. It is the most stressful, emotional, overwhelming, exciting, terrible and wonderful experience we ever been through. Matt, Andy, Tony and team walked us through every step of the way. They were my therapists, my cheerleaders, my encouragement, my shoulder to cry on and have very generously have offered to drink with us if needed.  Being on the other side of this transaction as a client has shown me what wonderful, knowledgeable, caring people and professionals they truly are.”

“Their client services are head and shoulders above anything I had expected and I have very high expectations. I cannot thank South Bay Equity Lending enough, thank you for making our dreams come true.” – Heather Lance


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