Are you a senior over 62 years of age? You may be eligible to convert part of your home equity into cash from loan proceeds. You can do this without having to sell your home or give up the title as long as the property taxes and homeowner’s insurance is kept up to date. Seniors do not have to take on any new mortgage payments either. Instead of making monthly principal and interest payments to a lender, a reverse mortgage loan allows you to receive payments from the lender. As the homeowner, you are still required to pay all property related fees, taxes and insurance. The home must be your primary residence and be maintained in good condition.  The reverse mortgage loan is secured by a lien on your home, like a forward mortgage.

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*See your tax advisor for details. Although your aggregate monthly debt payment may decrease, this loan may increase both your aggregate number of monthly debt payments and the aggregate amount paid by you over the term of the loan. South Bay Equity Lending recommends you consult with a financial advisor before entering into any credit transaction to be secured by your home.

† All loans are subject to credit approval.
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