SBEL is your solution when...

are ready to purchase your first home.

SBEL is your solution when...

you want to take cash out for some remodeling.

SBEL is your solution when...

you want a bank statement loan for self-employed borrowers


Residential Mortgage Loans

SBEL has the resources and relationships to get your mortgage loan done when others can’t. We will work with you to identify the best alternative for your unique situation. This includes hard to prove income, high loan to value, too much existing debt, less-than-perfect credit, and bankruptcy or foreclosure. We are also your jumbo loan experts.


Refinancing & Debt Management

Refinancing and consolidating your debt with a South Bay Equity Lending loan can lower the total amount you pay out each month. You can even arrange to have extra cash. We’ll help you consolidate your high-interest debt, get extra cash for the things you’ve always wanted to do. You’ll get your money fast. We close loans in as little as 25 days.


Reverse Mortgage Loans

Are you a senior over 62 years of age? You may be eligible to convert part of your home equity into cash from loan proceeds. You can do this without having to sell your home or give up the title as long as property taxes and homeowner’s insurance are kept up to date. Instead of making monthly principal and interest payments to a lender, a reverse mortgage loan allows you to receive payments from the lender.

Recent News

Jim McKechnie’s Success Story

Jim McKechnie’s Success Story

"Recently we realized we needed to take full advantage of low mortgage rates and refinance our rental property.  Your team…

Client Testimonials

Hear what our happy clients are saying...
  • “While in the process of purchasing my condo, the mortgage broker I was using fell through on the financing and I had no choice but to pay all cash. I contacted South Bay Equity Lending and they were able to get 70% of my cash back through a cash-out delayed financing deal to convert the purchase into a mortgage. The process was quick and smooth, and Matt and Kyle were great to work with. I’d recommend them to anyone looking for home financing and want someone who will have their best interest in mind, as well as great customer service.”

  • “If you’re not utilizing the talents of Matt Hadnett and his experienced crew for your lending needs you need to make it happen! They’re the best deal around! Period!”

  • “Words can’t describe how well the South Bay Equity Lending team took care of us.  Matt and Andy made our first time home buying experience as smooth as possible.  Being our first time, we had tons of questions.  Andy and Matt were extremely patient. They took the time to explain every step of the process and they were always available to us.  Even after normal business hours!  Our best interest was always their first priority. As a result, we got an amazing rate and they qualified us for a loan that covered 100% of our closing costs.  We even had enough left over to buy down some points!!!!! What can I say?  This team is top notch and if you are looking for a mortgage broker, look no further. What can I say, other than this team is top notch. Thanks guys”

  • “South Bay Equity Lending made obtaining a loan on our first home a piece of cake! Really, not joking.

    Matt Hadnett and Andy Elliot were fantastic to work with. Despite not having much of a head start, Matt was incredibly responsive and made time for us and made us feel taken care of right from the get go. Matt then linked us up with Andy, who incredibly guided us through the detailed intricacies of the loan application. As an estate planning attorney, I pride myself with attention to detail, and working with Andy was like meeting my twin (as far as detail orientation goes!).

    Andy took the time to answer every email and every call, walking me step-by-step through all of my inquiries (whether they be boilerplate concerns or the specific terms of our loan). Moreover, I loved Andy’s approach of providing the potential lender with such comprehensive documentation upfront so that we wouldn’t have as much back and forth rounds requesting the information piecemeal. It saved us tons of time and it gave me tremendous peace of mind knowing that everything was being done in order to get the loan approved within the time constraints of the escrow.

    Thanks to Matt, Andy and the rest of the South Bay Equity Lending team, we were able to close almost a week early! It’s the attention to detail and the pride in doing a job well done which South Bay Equity Lending really excels at.

    Thank you (times a million) South Bay Equity Lending!”

  • “Boy, oh boy, am I glad I listened to Henry. He not only came through with what he promised but a lot more. When escrow closed I not only got money up front, but another big check to come at the end of my first year. Plus, my home insurance and property taxes will be paid annually as part of the deal.”

Our Friendly Staff

Matt Hadnett

Matthew Hadnett
Principal, President, Broker

DRE# 1319592  NMLS# 313412

Nancy Solorzano

Nancy Solorzano
Loan Officer

DRE# 01404533  NMLS# 326914

Rudy Corona
Loan Officer

DRE# 01343760  NMLS# 999113

John Burke
Loan Officer

DRE# 02084493  NMLS#  829536

Andy Elliott
Sales Manager

DRE# 01989622  NMLS# 869322

John Mills
Loan Officer

DRE# 01987451  NMLS# 1309923

Tom Hardesty

Tom Hardesty
Loan Officer

DRE# 01813100  NMLS# 824814

Josh Thomas

Joshua Thomas
Loan Officer

DRE# 01914607  NMLS# 802745

Ann Gildersleeve
Loan Officer

DRE# 01096516  NMLS# 1180651

Gabe Radford

Gabe Radford
Mortgage Broker

DRE# 01230200  NMLS# 1119924

Drew Hardesty
Loan Officer

DRE# 01989334  NMLS# 1332878

Chris Turkmany
Loan Officer

DRE# 01821441  NMLS# 356813

Henry Spennato
Mortgage Broker

DRE# 01252624  NMLS# 338909

Onur Coskun
Loan Officer

DRE# 01893073  NMLS# 322100

Happy Clients

Jim McKechnie
Kimberlee Benz
Maryam Rasouli
Nathan Barnard
Veronica Sun
Ash Baron-Cohen
Christine Daniels & Michael Petersen
Jessica Kates
Huy Nguyen
Kevin Brunk
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