SBEL is your solution when...

are ready to purchase your first home.

SBEL is your solution when...

you want to take cash out for some remodeling.

SBEL is your solution when...

you want a bank statement loan for self-employed borrowers

Residential Mortgage Loans

SBEL has the resources and relationships to get your mortgage loan done when others can’t. We will work with you to identify the best alternative for your unique situation. This includes hard to prove income, high loan to value, too much existing debt, less-than-perfect credit, and bankruptcy or foreclosure. We are also your jumbo loan experts.

Refinancing & Debt Management

Refinancing and consolidating your debt with a South Bay Equity Lending loan can lower the total amount you pay out each month. You can even arrange to have extra cash. We’ll help you consolidate your high-interest debt, get extra cash for the things you’ve always wanted to do. You’ll get your money fast. We close loans in as little as 25 days.

Reverse Mortgage Loans

Are you a senior over 62 years of age? You may be eligible to convert part of your home equity into cash from loan proceeds. You can do this without having to sell your home or give up the title as long as property taxes and homeowner’s insurance are kept up to date. Instead of making monthly principal and interest payments to a lender, a reverse mortgage loan allows you to receive payments from the lender.

Recent News

CJ & Megan Sun’s Success Story

CJ & Megan Sun’s Success Story

SBEL is your solution when…you’re purchasing your first home.   Situation: CJ and Megan Sun are successful executives in the…

Client Testimonials

Hear what our happy clients are saying...
  • “I have refinanced my mortgage three times over the past 14 years, all handled by South Bay Equity Lending. They are the best at managing the entire mortgage process, from finding the right deal for you, all the way through to closing the deal.”

     “Applications for mortgages these days are complicated and highly detailed, with much supporting documentation required. The folks at South Bay Equity Lending do all the hard work for you. They start by knowing the mortgage marketplace, finding you the best mortgage option for your personal financial situation. Then they guide you through the application, providing you a list of required supporting documents, and working with the lender to keep the process moving along. They assist you in any way they can, and they even make the document signing process work in a way that fits your busy schedule. “

     “I have worked with other mortgage brokers, but none have measured up to the high standards of South Bay Equity Lending. They’re honest, dependable, and focused on securing the deal that’s best for you. I will continue to use them for all my mortgage needs, and I highly recommend that you work with them for your next mortgage, whether it’s a new home purchase or a refinancing. You can always depend on them to get the right deal done right.”




  • “Gabe took the time to understand our entire portfolio of properties, including the partnerships, the percentages and the equity. This took quite a bit of explanation and understanding.  He then took that information and helped the lenders understand the various LLC’s, the assets and equity held by each and ultimately brought the loan in for a landing. He was tenacious and detail oriented, making sense of request and documentation that we found confusing and unnecessary. We couldn’t have done it without Gabe.”

  • “I have worked with Josh thru 3 refinances of my mortgage. He is so understanding, patient and explains everything to you as the process goes along. Always willing to answer ALL you may have. No question is stupid. I highly recommend Josh for all your mortgage needs.”


  • “Matt Hadnett and his whole team at SBEL were wonderful to work with. As a newly divorced mom, just starting back in the work force, Matt was the only one able to help me refinance my previously joint home loan into my own name. He made it happen when no other bank or lending company was able to do so. No doubt a lot of documentation is required for a refi, yet Matt made it an easy and seamless process. I am forever grateful for Matt’s integrity and professionalism in securing me a loan. Please don’t hesitate to speak to Matt and the SBEL team for all your home loan and home refinance needs!”

  • “The house we found was an imaginative property, a distressed old hillside beauty. Working with the big banks was like tramping through mud. They were unwieldy and downright cranky about the condition of the old property, which was, of course, what made it such a genius investment. We needed to find a company that would simultaneously embrace our vision while helping us navigate the finicky waters of underwriting. Matt and Andy stayed upbeat even when things looked bleak and in the end we laughed, literally, all the way to the bank. They helped us pull off a very tricky refinance on another investment and now our portfolio is growing geometrically. Thanks guys, you mastered an elegant and unexpected solution to our investment goals.”

Our Friendly Staff

Matt Hadnett

Matthew Hadnett
Principal, President, Broker

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Nancy Solorzano

Nancy Solorzano
Loan Officer

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Fritz Hoffman

Fritz Hoffman
Loan Officer

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John Mills
Chief Marketing Officer, Loan Officer

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Tom Hardesty

Tom Hardesty
Loan Officer

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Josh Thomas

Joshua Thomas
Loan Officer

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Rudy Corona
Loan Officer

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Ann Gildersleeve
Loan Officer

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Gabe Radford

Gabe Radford
Mortgage Broker

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Drew Hardesty
Loan Officer

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Henry Munoz
Mortgage Broker

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Andy Elliott
Loan Officer

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Chris Turkmany
Loan Officer

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Henry Spennato
Mortgage Broker

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Jim Marley
Loan Officer

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Onur Coskun
Loan Officer

DRE# 01893073  NMLS# 322100

Happy Clients

CJ and Megan Sun
Debbie Droste
Nestor and Karen Alvarez
Jorg Wallrabe
Melissa Okabe
John Carmichael
Edgar and Guadalupe Arce
Raymond Strait
Sarkis Haroutunian
Pauline Tanaka
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