SBEL is your solution when…you to want to live the rest of your retirement years in your beautiful South Bay home and no longer have to make a monthly mortgage payment.

Albert & Carolyn retired to their beautiful home in the South Bay. They decided they wanted to explore the benefits of a reverse mortgage, namely, no more mortgage payments and converting some home equity into cash. They engaged a reverse mortgage broker who made many promises, but in the end, she could not get there reverse mortgage completed. Albert & Carolyn were left out in the cold.

SBEL Solution:
Albert & Carolyn turned to South Bay Equity Lending’s Matt Hadnett and John Mills to see if they could secure a reverse mortgage for them. The financial freedom and flexibility of a reverse mortgage would allow the Baum’s to make the most of their retirement years. John Mills took on the Albert & Carolyn’s file as his personal mission. As John put it, “I was determined to deliver the financial freedom that they had earned; to get the Baum’s the reverse mortgage the other broker couldn’t deliver.” We are very happy to report, that Albert & Carolyn signed their reverse mortgage loan in February and life is good. If you call their home and get the answering machine, you will hear Carolyn say, “It’s another beautiful day, so I’m out there enjoying it.” ~ Albert & Carolyn B.


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