SBEL is your solution when…the dream of owning your first home needs the guidance and “TLC” of caring lending and real estate professionals.

Situation:  Alvaro and Miriam had a dream of owning their first home. The big banks and credit unions would not qualify them for a home loan.

SBEL Solution:  They know SBEL Loan Processer Lily Arauz through their church.  The SBEL team and its real estate company, A-Team Realty, went to work to make their dream come true.

They found a house in Santa Ana. A-Team Realty real estate agent Tom Hardesty represented them in the transaction while Matt Hadnett & Andy Elliott qualified the Rojas for an FHA loan.  An FHA loan is designed to help first time home buyers.  It has small down payment requirements and more flexible qualification requirements.  An FHA loan also has strict guidelines and high standards for the condition of the home.  It must be very good condition with no deficiencies.  The Santa Ana home needed work and repairs to qualify.  Tom Hardesty & Drew Hardesty personally did the home repairs to raise the condition of the home to FHA standards.

As Tom put it, “this is a deal that would never have gotten done with a typical lender or real estate agent. It needed some TLC.”

Alvaro and Miriam have moved into their first home and have a baby on the way!

“We do not have enough words to express our gratitude and appreciation for all your hard work, time and effort that was put into helping us. We had tried other big named banks and credit unions and they didn’t even want to bother taking the time of day to look at us with seriousness and possibly qualify us. But when we came to Lily and her awesome company, we were astounded by their dedication. The SBEL team not only took the time, but went above and beyond to help us realize our dream. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!” – Alvaro & Miriam R.


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