“South Bay Equity Lending made obtaining a loan on our first home a piece of cake! Really, not joking.

Matt Hadnett and Andy Elliot were fantastic to work with. Despite not having much of a head start, Matt was incredibly responsive and made time for us and made us feel taken care of right from the get go. Matt then linked us up with Andy, who incredibly guided us through the detailed intricacies of the loan application. As an estate planning attorney, I pride myself with attention to detail, and working with Andy was like meeting my twin (as far as detail orientation goes!).

Andy took the time to answer every email and every call, walking me step-by-step through all of my inquiries (whether they be boilerplate concerns or the specific terms of our loan). Moreover, I loved Andy’s approach of providing the potential lender with such comprehensive documentation upfront so that we wouldn’t have as much back and forth rounds requesting the information piecemeal. It saved us tons of time and it gave me tremendous peace of mind knowing that everything was being done in order to get the loan approved within the time constraints of the escrow.

Thanks to Matt, Andy and the rest of the South Bay Equity Lending team, we were able to close almost a week early! It’s the attention to detail and the pride in doing a job well done which South Bay Equity Lending really excels at.

Thank you (times a million) South Bay Equity Lending!” ~ Christine D. & Michael P.


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