SBEL is your solution when…you are in the middle of a construction project and you realize you need additional financing.

Edgar and his mother Guadalupe own an investment property that was in need of major repairs. Typically, construction financing is obtained prior to the commencement of a project. In this case, demolition activities had already begun when they realized they needed additional financing. Since the project had already been started, the lenders they had previously done business with, decided not to provide the funding they needed.

SBEL Solution:
They connected with South Bay Equity Lending’s President Matt Hadnett and Loan Officer Jim Marley. Jim tapped into SBEL’s network to identify a lender who would provide financing for this problematic loan scenario. Through Jim Marley’s lending solution, the Arce’s received their funds and commenced their construction project

“SBEL took a chance on us and because of this; we can now finish the project we started. Thank you SBEL for believing in us when it seemed like no one else did.” – Edgar & Guadalupe A.


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