“Recently we realized we needed to take full advantage of low mortgage rates and refinance our rental property.  Your team proactively connected with my wife and me to discuss options that would be beneficial to us.  After consulting with us to learn of our current situation and long term goals, Team South Bay Equity presented us with options and guided us to the best possible scenario.

From the jump, we felt very comfortable and confident that we could trust you all.  Early on, there was a “snafu” on our credit report and you guided us on how to get the “blemish” removed in order to get an even better rate.  Thank you for providing us guidance, expertise, confidence, and trust.

We just wanted to say Thank You All very much for the time spent helping us recognize a great, fixed Mortgage rate.   We’ll try to send as many referrals your way with complete trust in your ability to get the job done.

Again, thanks so much and all the best to SOUTH BAY EQUITY in 2020!”  ~ Jim M.


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