SBEL is your solution when…a successful self-employed entrepreneur would like to re-invest in his business and consolidate some existing debt.

Jorg owns and manages a successful digital advertising firm that works with large entertainment companies like Warner Brothers and Netflix. In the past, as a self-employed entrepreneur, it had been difficult to secure real estate financing at the rate & terms his success merited due to his self-employed status.

SBEL Solution:
Matt Hadnett and Andy Elliott of SBEL refinanced Jorg’s primary home. By utilizing a bank statement program that is designed specifically for self-employed borrowers, Jorg was able to pay off his 1st mortgage and his 2nd mortgage, consolidate his debt and get funds to re-invest in his business. All of this was accomplished while lowering his monthly payment! A bank statement loan, that uses business bank deposits for income verification rather than tax returns, is a game changer for self-employed borrowers.

“South Bay was recommended to me by a longtime trusted business associate and has been an advisor of sorts since the opening of my company in 2005. As a business owner, I was finding it hard to finance some long term projects and needed a different approach. I noticed that banks were not looking at the whole business, holistically, not taking into account 14 years of success and the way our cash flow traditionally works for us. In our business, there are some calendar months that are slow, and the traditional banks could not get past this, even though we could show our profits and the incoming payments from our long term clients that are always forthcoming after these slower months. South Bay was able to show lenders that we are prime candidates for the loans we were going for. The South Bay team are some of the most friendly and professional people I have ever met – they definitely look at the long-term business relationship and really care about their clients’ success – their record speaks for itself. I will continually recommend this company to anyone that will listen!” – Jorg W.


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