SBEL is your solution when…you want to consolidate your debts and improve your cash flow.

South Bay Equity Lending, Loan Processor Lily will tell her story in her own words.


“You never know what will happen until you make the call! I was lost in the place where it felt I couldn’t find the way out. I have been working in the financial industry for 20 years and I thought it would not happened to me but it did, I was intimated and scared by the big mortgage companies. After my divorce my financial situation was complicated and there were more than one obstacle holding me back, an awful credit report with a bankruptcy from my ex, missed placed escrow payments from my 1st mortgage and incorrect payment reporting from equity loan from my mortgage company had made it almost impossible to refinance my home. I felt that it will be impossible to untangle the mess my divorce had left me in. The emotional stress of calling my now, former mortgage lender to clear up my name was a rigid one, I was very tired, frustrated and discouraged. My 13 year mortgage had become too much to handle alone financially.”

SBEL Solution:

“After much hesitation, I made my first refinance call to my Boss and longtime friend Matt Hadnett, He reviewed my financial portfolio and encouraged me to TAKE ON my previous BIG Mortgage Lender and forced them to clear up my credit. And to my surprise they did!”

“After my credit was cleared up Matt put together a financial plan that would help me reduce my monthly expenses by consolidating my mortgage loans and some revolving debt by using the equity in my home. Matt submitted my loan application to a new lender in April 28th and after only a few weeks my loan was approved and funded in no time! In a blink of an eye Matt had solved my financial problems which had me in a constrained income for almost 3 years and I couldn’t be happier, I honestly had the best Mother’s Day ever! I am very pleased that my new loan mortgage will allow me the financial freedom to help my son cover his university expenses and the flexibility I need to provide my children the life style they deserve.”

“I am grateful to my coworker Nancy Solorzano for walking me through home refinance, to our partners Luis Martinez and Ms. Heather Lance for their amazing job and professionalism and to my manager Tony for completing my mortgage transactions in less than 15 business working days thanks to his skills and expertise in the mortgage industry.”

“I believe that all Mortgage 2000/SBEL employees are in the business of making our borrowers dreams come true, I am very pleased to report that South Bay Equity Lending team made my dream of refinancing my home come true.” – Lily A.


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