SBEL is your solution when…you need a caring loan expert to guide you through the purchase of your first home.

Situation:  Marco and Kristen were in the market for their first home.  The process can be complicated and intimidating.

SBEL Solution:   South Bay Equity Lending Loan Officer Joshua Thomas guided them through the loan and purchase process.

Kristen explains it best in her Thank You letter to Josh.

Dear Josh,

Words could never express how grateful and thankful Marco and I are to you for making our dream come true in buying our first home.  From the very first meeting many months ago to discuss pre-approval and various options for home buying, you have been sincere, professional, knowledgeable, and most of all, PATIENT. As first time buyers, we were new to the experience and came with an abundance of questions…all of which you answered EVERY (including the second time!) without showing any sign of judgment, frustration or impatience. Your giftedness in educating new home buyers is invaluable. We really appreciated this throughout the process since many of the different facets of home buying can be so anxiety producing.

We also appreciated your unfailing persistence and devotion to seeing our process to completion. You pushed through some roadblocks and all the while, stayed positive, and communicated to us in factual and uplifting words that kept us calm throughout. We always felt that you would do whatever was humanly possible to help us, that no task was too monumental for you, that you would give it all you could, and this gave us 100% trust and confidence in you.

One of our most favorite things about your instrumental part in our home buying process was your devotion and availability.  We always felt as if we were your only client! Your loyalty and accessibility were such a blessing. You were always quick to return a text, answer your phone, or respond to an email amidst all the other busy facets of your day.  You always made time for us and truly made us feel like VIPs!! It’s very rare to work with someone in the corporate world who possesses all of these qualities and has that wonderful balance of productivity, interpersonal skills, and a true, good-hearted, sincere desire to help others make their dream come true.  We were certainly blessed by you, Josh and we will forever be grateful that you were such a blessing in joining us in our process to make our dream-come-true!  We love our new home and we are so grateful that you share together with us in our joy!

With sincere appreciation and gratefulness,

Marco, Kristen, and Alexander R.

Words could never express how grateful and thankful we are to you for making our dream come true in buying our first home.” – Marco & Kristen R.


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