SBEL is your solution when…you need financial flexibility to take advantage of real estate investment opportunities.


Meeno has had a successful life-long career both in front of and behind the camera in the entertainment industry. Today, an acclaimed photographer and family man, Meeno had identified an investment property he wished to purchase. He began working with the big banks to arrange financing. The banks could not get him the financing he needed to purchase the real estate investment property.

SBEL Solution:

Meeno turned to Matt Hadnett, Andy Elliott and the South Bay Equity Lending team for a solution. SBEL was able to refinance an existing property to get the cash out that enabled Meeno to purchase his investment property and continue to build his portfolio.

“The house we found was an imaginative property, a distressed old hillside beauty. Working with the big banks was like tramping through mud. They were unwieldy and downright cranky about the condition of the old property, which was, of course, what made it such a genius investment. We needed to find a company that would simultaneously embrace our vision while helping us navigate the finicky waters of underwriting. Matt and Andy stayed upbeat even when things looked bleak and in the end we laughed, literally, all the way to the bank. They helped us pull off a very tricky refinance on another investment and now our portfolio is growing geometrically. Thanks guys, you mastered an elegant and unexpected solution to our investment goals.” – Meeno P.


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