SBEL is your solution when…you need a VA loan expert to secure the best rate for your new home purchase.

Situation:  Nick and Sam found a beautiful home in the South Bay which they wanted to purchase.  Nick works with the military and is eligible for the excellent interest rates and terms of a jumbo VA loan.  The big banks have sharp rates on jumbos and so Nick and Sam connected with one in the area.  They went to a big bank to finance their new home purchase, but the bank couldn’t get it done.

SBEL Solution:  South Bay Equity Lending is a VA loan expert.   Nick and Sam know SBEL President Matt Hadnett through their church and turned to him to finance their home.  SBEL was able get the jumbo VA loan at a better rate than the big bank and was able to get it completed quickly and efficiently.  Nick and Sam closed on their new South Bay home with a great interest rate and favorable terms locked in for years to come.

“Matt, Andy and the team at South Bay Equity were a breath of fresh air to work with. Their professionalism and expertise turned what was a very difficult and cumbersome process into a smooth transaction. They are now (without hesitation) my top referral to anyone looking to buy a home.”- Nick & Sam


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