SBEL is your solution when…your bank won’t refinance the loan on your investment property.

Situation: Robbie & Monica own a beautiful home in Orange County and they also own an investment property in the OC.  They recognized that the interest rate on the loan for their investment property was higher than market rates.  They approached their bank that held the loan.  The bank turned down the refinance.

SBEL Solution: Robbie and Monica both worked with SBEL Chief Marketing Officer John Mills for years during John’s tenure at Quiksilver.  They turned to John to see if SBEL could refinance their investment.  John realized immediately that he could substantially improve the interest rate for them.  When their new loan was completed, the net effect was no out of pocket expenses for Robbie & Monica and SBEL was able to lower their interest rate by 2 full points.  They will now have extra money in their pocket every month and are locked in with a great 30 year fixed rate.


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