SBEL is your solution when…other mortgage brokers can’t get your loan done.


Steve and Coleen own an investment property.  They wanted to access some of the equity in the property with a cash-out refinance.  The lender holding the loan would not refinance.  Attempts to secure a refinance with other mortgage brokers did not pan out.

SBEL Solution:

They connected with South Bay Equity Lending Loan Officer Gabe Radford.  With SBEL’s breadth of lender relationships and loan products, Gabe was able to achieve what other mortgage brokers could not.  He was able to secure a cash-out refinance on one of the Friedmann’s investment properties.

“Gabe took the time to understand our entire portfolio of properties, including the partnerships, the percentages and the equity. This took quite a bit of explanation and understanding.  He then took that information and helped the lenders understand the various LLC’s, the assets and equity held by each and ultimately brought the loan in for a landing. He was tenacious and detail oriented, making sense of request and documentation that we found confusing and unnecessary. We couldn’t have done it without Gabe.”- Steve F.


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