SBEL is your solution when…you want to pay off debt and improve your cash flow.

Eight years ago Stuart and Loreen purchased their dream home. “Everything pointed to being able to enjoy our home through retirement. But our lives abruptly changed when I had an accident and was forced to change careers and returned to school to earn a Master’s degree,” recalls Loreen.

The many changes forced Stuart and Loreen to weigh whether staying in their home was realistic. After numerous attempts at trying to navigate their way through the complex system, they were unsuccessful at securing a loan with any of their banks. Frustrated and feeling like they were at a loss, they urned to The South Bay Equity Lending team.

“They took us under their wings and walked us through the process with professionalism and yet catered to us on a very personal and private level. They worked diligently and coordinated meetings around our schedules and in our home,” recounts Loreen O.

Today, they are happy in their home and feeling more confident about their future because South Bay Equity Lending took every step necessary to secure a loan that has lowered their interest, paid off their debt, and saved them thousands of dollars a month.


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