Kyle’s Success Story

SBEL is your solution when….you want to refinance an investment property to take advantage of historically low interest rates. Situation: Kyle has a passion for restoring vintage VW buses. He is also a strategic thinker and had the foresight to invest in real estate...

Greg & Denise’s Success Story

SBEL is your solution when…a rate & term refinance will lower your monthly payments. Situation: Greg and Denise had secured a great loan from South Bay Equity Lending in the past.  However, interest rates dropped again in the Fall of 2015. SBEL Solution:...

Paul’s Success Story

SBEL is your solution when……your situation doesn’t fit into their box. Paul is a school principal with a doctorate in education.  For fun, he writes music and fronts his own rock band. Paul had financed his home through his credit union. The terms of his old loan were...

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