SBEL is your solution when……your situation doesn’t fit into their box.

Paul is a school principal with a doctorate in education.  For fun, he writes music and fronts his own rock band.

Paul had financed his home through his credit union. The terms of his old loan were going to double his monthly mortgage payment in the coming weeks, which Paul really couldn’t afford. When Paul went to his credit union, they turned him down for a refinance. His financial situation didn’t fit into their box. Caught in a tough spot, it appeared to Paul that he was going to have to sell his home.

Paul and Matt Hadnett, President of SBEL, have known each other for a long time. They graduated from Notre Dame High School together in 1983. As life-long friends, Paul reached out to Matt to see what his mortgage options were.

South Bay Equity Lending was able to find a great loan for Paul that lowered his monthly mortgage payment and allowed him to keep his home.

“If you’re not utilizing the talents of Matt Hadnett and his experienced crew for your lending needs you need to make it happen! They’re the best deal around! Period!” – Paul S.


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