SBEL is your solution when…you want to purchase your dream home.


Nestor and Karen had a dream of purchasing their first home in beautiful Rancho Palos Verdes.

SBEL Solution:

South Bay Equity Lending Loan Onur Coskun secured the financing and qualified Nestor & Karen for a larger loan amount than they thought possible.  Onur teamed with Alta Properties Real Estate Agent Melissa Okabe. With the larger loan qualification, and working with Melissa & Onur, on their dream home in Rancho Palos Verdes became a reality.

“We were first introduced to Onur by our real estate broker, Melissa Okabe, as we began our search for our first ever home. Onur was instrumental in helping us complete the pre-approval process in a quick and efficient manner. Working with him was like watching a master at work, as he was able to get my wife and I approved for a much higher loan amount than we anticipated, which enabled us to purchase our dream home in Rancho Palos Verdes. The cherry on top came in the form of sizable lenders’ credits that Onur was able to secure for us, so that was a great benefit to our bottom line.”
“Onur was absolutely wonderful to work with through this process, as he helped us navigate all aspects of the home financing arrangement, ultimately enabling us to achieve our dream of home ownership.” – Nestor A.

Photo: Nestor & Karen A. with SBEL’s Onur Coskun and Alta Properties Real Estate Agent Melissa Okabe.


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